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09 September 2007 @ 11:50 am
Here's my first icon post! I make these like once every million two years so... yeah a lot of these are really old. Anyways enjoy!

Xenosaga [35]
Animanga [20]
      Cardcaptor Sakura [12]
      Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles [1]
   Studio Ghibli
      Spirited Away [3]
      Laputa: Castle in the Sky [2]
      Tales of Earthsea [1]
      On Your Mark [1]
Other [23]
   Final Fantasy VII Compilation [3]
   Final Fantasy X/X-2 [5]
   Final Fantasy XII [2]
   Kingdom Hearts [3]
   Rogue Galaxy [3]
   Kirby [1]
   Star Ocean III: Till the End of Time [1]
   Tales of Symphonia [1]
   .hack//G.U [1]
   Charmed [2]
   Crossover [1]
Total: [78]

1. Please credit animevivi
2. Textless icons ARE NOT bases I just leave them like that because I suck at texting
2. Comment if you have the time

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Artist: animevivi
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Comment and Credit if You Take Please

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